Q: How do I know, that this is not a credit cards hoax?
A: If you take a look at the HTML code at the site, you will see, that we NEVER receive the credit card numbers from you - the FastSpring and Amazon (unless we move it to some other online payments processor) do.
    Both FastSpring and Amazon are recognized credit cards processing companies. Check their credits online, if you want. They use same technologies banks and credit cards companies use to protect their data.
    In any case, they will never reveal your credit card number to us - this is stated in the user agreement they offer.
    The moment you click "Buy now" or "Add to Cart" button, you leave our site and interact with FastSpring or Amazon ONLY.

Q: What about privacy?
A: We value our clients' privacy. We are not going to give your contacts to anyone. Besides, think about it: we do not have your real name of address, as when you subscribe to our e.mail classes, you only provide your nick name (pick any) and e.mail, no critical bits of info.

Q: What about moneyback guarantee?
A: This is handled by FastSpring and Amazon, too. If an unsatisfied customer contacts them, they issue a refund. This is part of the service they provide, check their terms of service.