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  • How to Create a Profitable Website.
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  • How to Turn Targeted Visitors to Returning Visitor, Improving Website Conversion
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What is the Do It Yourself Ecommerce Tutorial?

If you search the Net for such terms as Creating a Profitable Website, you will find enormous amount of information. Everybody is suddenly a Ebusiness Technologies guru and is willing to teach you how to Create a Profitable Website - for the small (did I said - small? sorry, my mistake) fee. And most of them are selling something.

Here is a problem! You want to sell something too! You too want to Start Ebusiness of your own!

But will it work? I mean - will it work for me and you and not for some guys from the success stories?

And is it possible to learn all the necessary tips and tricks and to get the "hands-on" experience of Ebusiness Marketing BEFORE you risk your money, or your time, which is the same?

I hit this obstacle some time ago myself. How can I Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic? The "gurus" suggested that I should move my site to the top ten search engine position - I still think that it is a good idea, but how can it be done? And how to turn visitors into customers, what are Website Conversion Secrets?

So I have spent a lot of time researching Ebusiness Technologies, from simple Small Ebusiness Market Niches to large Ebusiness Systems, and DOING things, making sure that I know what to do to get maximum efficiency from each and every little detail. How to increase web site ranking and what are the pitfalls of starting an associate program? Why some techniques work and some don't and how to find out which of the attempts to improve web page ranking succeeded? (it is called web site visibility analysis and you will find the necessary details in free intros and in eBooks on this site.

And then I came up with the idea of a Do It Yourself Ecommerce Experiment.

I am going to show you How to Make a Profitable Website right here, using this same Web site as an example. Here you will find all the necessary explanations of what and why I am doing. So you will have, on one side, this Web site, right in front of you, working and generating a revenue stream, and on the other side, you will have detailed explanations on why particular things are done in particular way. Everything, every little step of the applied Ebusiness Technologies, is going to be documented and available for our visitors!

Because you see, to become a successful Ebusiness Developer (and owner) it is not enough to learn how to Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic or to learn tips and tricks of the online Ebusiness Marketing... You also need to have confidence. Otherwise you will probably never start.

And you need to have experience (which is almost the same as confidence) because otherwise you will be repeating all the typical beginner's mistakes.

That's what this site is about: Ebusiness Learning. First of all, this site contains "creating profitable website" information useful for the "small folks". No large budget Ebusiness Solutions, no corporate web strategies. Does it limit our choices? On my opinion - it does not. All we need to do is to consider free or inexpensive ways to Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic and make our web design efficient in converting Targeted Visitors into customers FIRST.

Then, the concept. The Ebusiness Solution we choose. This example (this particular site) is going to be about the ways to improve site traffic with main focus on the now popular aggressive search engine positioning. When you create your own site, you will use your own topic, of course, like "fishing", or "taking care of cats" - anything you know well enough to explain to others.

Also - as the seo (Search Engine Optimization) by itself is meaningless, it will be about making a website PROFITABLE.

I have already mentioned that, so I just want to make it clear. The eCommerce Experiment is about making a small but profittable website IN FRONT OF YOU. I believe that from the point of view of a web developer, ecommerce is about traffic and conversion rate ONLY. Some time ago I had a different belief. It was costly ;)

How are we going to make profit? By offering our own products or someone else's products - for a comission (it is called partner associate program). We might also participate in the two tier associate program - it pays not only when YOU are making a sale but also when someone that you had recruited makes a sale (a referral associate program).

What exactly do we have to offer? Do I have my own goods? Yes. As the matter of fact I do. The Replacer Utility was created to help you to manage the web site - and it does, successfully. But it can also be offered for sale!

What if you are not a programmer and have no software to sell? Not a problem. The same technique is applicable to selling "do it yourself" guides, "secret fishing places of Arizona descert" books, and any other (meaningfull) staff you have that you want to share with the world.

As the mater of fact, it is my belief that Anything you know you can sell.

As the site evolved and the feedback had been collected - both from the visitors, sales and search engine monitoring tools, it became a valuable search engine optimization resource. At some point I moved the most valuable resources to the eBooks and they are also offered from the Web site as an additional merchandize. You can create and sell your own eBooks, in your own area of expertize.

In addition to creating the Do It Yourself Ecommerce Tutorial Web site, we are going to focus on ways to Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic for each and every keyword we used. It should increase search engine traffic, bring us Targeted Visitors and hopefully - raise the profitability of a Web site.

As this project was growing, we were making every little step of our Ebusiness Strategy available online. Every of our Website Conversion Secrets that had been used was also documented and made available, on the same site. So the Web site now contains two sets of articles (two eBooks) - one with the theory, and one with the practical results of applying this theory.

After you read the corresponding articles and eBooks, you will be able to do the same with your own site, bringing it to SE "top" and closing online sales.

There are little things that should be done for the Small Ebusiness site to work for you, but these things are usually not explained properly. For example, you have the eBook, software or something else to sell - how do you receive money? Well... You will find this and many other answers on this site.

When you are done reading Ebusiness Articles on this site, you will know how to turn any Ebusiness Idea, dream or hobby of yours into the Profitable Internet Business.

In the same time, you will be saved from the need to go through the humiliation of the "First Ebusiness" yourself, you do not need to do all the typical mistakes and you don't need to "enjoy" the logical concequences of these mistakes. You will be walked through the experience, step by step.

To warn you in advance - it is NOT a "get rich fast" technology. There is some work involved, and there will be no six digit numbers, especially at the beginning. But... Imagine, that using this technology you can put up a site generating modest $15 - $200 per month (it is a reasonable estimation). Will it be a lot of work? No. Something between two days and one month, depending on the size of your project. And then you will have this revenue stream for a LONG period of time, while you are working on the next site...

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