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Learn to turn your dreams into plans

    Working with Future

  • Learn how to set and achieve your goals - the "step-by-step" instructions.
  • Learn how to make your goals self-fulfilling.
  • Learn how to WANT to achieve the goals.
  • Learn how to find the goal that is yours and not a someone else's.
  • Learn what successfull people do differently.
  • And much more.

Book size: 27+ Letter size pages

    Working with Money

  • How to behave in order to attract money (or money making situations).
  • How to be ready to recognize these situations.
  • What are the differences between rich and poor people and how to change.
  • How to do what you like, and how to like what you do.
  • And tons of technical stuff, both on NLP and money making.

Book size: 36+ Letter size pages

    Working with Habits

  • Why is is so difficult to achieve the change we want.
  • How to make the change lasting.
  • What are the "real" reasons for habits and how to deal with them.
  • Does it have to be difficult (no).
  • And many techniques that will assist in habit-fighting.
  • And much more.

Book size: 53+ Letter size pages

    Manipulation Tutorial

  • Learn the "weak points" that are used by the modern manipulation techniques.
  • Learn how to recognize the manipulation.
  • Learn how to combine multiple manipulation "rules" to make your technique irresistable.
  • Study some real life examples, including building a financial pyramid.
  • And much more.

Book size: 50+ Letter size pages

Technical details:
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