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Cortex Neural Networks

Neural networks. Scripting language. Charts. Datbases. Image processing. More...

Adaptive learning technology.

Neural Networks are powerful data processing tools, modelled after the human brain structures. Like living creatures, they can learn from the experience, and adjust to the specifics of a particular task.

It is possible to use Neural Networks for pattern recognition (think images or voice) or to predict the future values of the function based on the available information (think stock trading).

They also work well with the information that cannot be described with formulas - the very idea behind the Neural Networks is to find non-evident dependencies in large amount of incomplete, noisy and distorted data.

"All you need" package.

When you work with Neural Networks you need to be able to create, teach (and monitor teaching process as it is happening) and use the resulting Neural Net. You need to be able to import data from file, to add lags (delayed data sequences) and to present the results in the form of charts. You also need to export results to the file that can be used by other applications.

The Cortex Neural Network Application does just that - and much more. For example, after your Neural Network is optimized and ready to be used, you can save it to the file and use it from your own application (that's if you know C++). How? The Cortex comes with the DLL that can take the input and produce the output, so if you do not like the interface that the Cortex provides (impossible!) or if you want to use the Neural Net you created with some program that has nothing to do with teaching networks (like image recognition or automatic stock trading) - you have the right set of tools.

Technical details:
OS: Windows 95 or later (98, 2000, NT...)

Delivery: Instant. You will receive the E.mail with instructions as soon as your payment is verified.

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