Replacer Utility

Simple site content management tool

>Add/change/remove contents automatically for multiple pages.

Most pages on my web site have a navigation table on the bottom. It allows the visitor to move wherever he/she wants quickly, and also gives some general ideas on what to expect.

Now, let's say I hav created a new web page, and I want all other web pages to link to it. Does it mean I have to edit each and every page on my web site? No, if I use Replacer.

This was just an example. if you look at the HTML source of any of my pages, you will see, that <!-- replacer... tags are used every time I want to be able to change something in future AUTOMATICALLY. For all pages. From one place.

Technical details:
OS: Windows 95 or later (98, 2000, NT...)

Delivery: Instant. You will receive the E.mail with instructions as soon as your payment is verified.

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