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Headache Relief Pressure Points Tutorial

Shit Su technique to relieve pain

  • In this tutorial you will find the technique, based on Chinese pressure points, that can be used for fast headache relief.
  • The technique takes 5-10 minutes, and I find it very useful for most types of the headache. It is also very easy to apply - you can do it to yourself, as well as to someone else. It does not take more than 10 minutes to learn.
  • Unlike most "non-prescribed drugs", it works almost instantaneously, as the matter of fact, people often feel relief before the routine is completed.
  • There are, of course, conditions, that require different kinds of treatment (a cracked scull is a good example :), but for most types of headache this technique can compete with "non-prescribed drugs". Still, read the disclaimer, use your own judgment and consult your family doctor.

Technical details:
The eBook you are about to download is in PDF format and therefore you will need to download a free program called Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Delivery: Instant. You will receive the E.mail with instructions as soon as your payment is verified.


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Was looking for pain relief. Have found relief. Yes it did help, only read what applied. Have been in a great deal of pain. ... And as Im typing this I have relief for first time in months without taking pain killers. So Thank you once again.

Pressure points to relieve headaches. I found them, they were well explained and worked.

I am glad I checked this out... Kind Regards, Frank

Please try to explain in details.My headache is better! Unbelievable. Thank-you

Thank you but my thanks to your site my hardache is gone!

Wow, I fell better already. Thank you.



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