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Wing Chun: Fighting a Stronger Opponent

What makes Wing Chun different from other styles and how to use these differences to figure out the correct way of doing a particular technic.

And much more.

Book size: 59 Letter size pages

If you came to Wing Chun from a different school, you will discover that it uses a totally different paradigm: instead of doing "block - attack, block - attack..." routine, it focuses on the attack completely, allowing blocking to happen ACCIDENTALLY, but without anything like "defence first" ideology. It works surprisingly well.

See, different styles are for different initial conditions. Say, in classical wrestling you can safely assume that you will only have one opponent. In boxing you with your opponent are locked on the ring and you have all time you need. And so on.

What difference does it make? Well, let's consider boxing. Don't take it wrong, boxing is a powerful thing and boxers are definitely among the most dangerous opponents. But... they spend a lot of time dancing around each other. Why?

Because they can. They have time and they use it to pick a good moment for an attack and to catch their breath, too.

And it just does not work in the street fight environment.

Imagine you dancing around your opponent, while couple of his friends are attacking your family - do you have time to dance? Probably not. You need to end the confrontation as fast as you can.

Wing Chun is about speed. No time to dance around, no time to break the distance, and no time for defencive techniques. It takes you forward no mater what. It is not better than boxing, karate of wrestling. It is simply designed for a different purpose.

In this eBook we are going to look at Wing Chun techinics from the point of view of the style's pjilosophy: surprisingly, we can improve our fighting skills signifficantly. Because now we know WHY we do certain things and therefore, we can do them right.

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