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The Text Replacer software is distributed AS IS. The author is NOT responsible for any results - you download and use it AT UOUR OWN RISK. Also it is recommended to make backup copies of the files you are going to modify, especially until you are familiar with the software.

About the Text Replacer Utility

The Utility is a simple mass text replacer, it allows you to find and replace text in multiple files. Replacement is performed for any text BETWEEN replacer-specific tags for all files in the selected directory (with subdirectories).

This text replacement utility is very useful when you need to change web site's navigation bars or something like this (Yes, you can do some of it using stylesheets. But it will be much more difficult to maintain).

Installation of Text Replacer.

Download the Text Replacer archive. Unzip it in the directory where you want this program to resign.

Some programs that you can download from this site can work together. If you want (strongly recommended) this kind of functionality to be available, you should create a common folder, called (recommended) S_PROJECTS, and to unzip all software in this folder. The sub-folders will be created for you automatically during the unzip procedure.

When specifying options in your Winzip software, make sure that all subdirectories (subfolders) are restored. Usually it is the default setting for the WinZip. Installation is complete.

Uninstallation of Text Replacer.

Delete the folder containing the Replacer.

Registration of Text Replacer

If you choose to register the Text Replacer site management utility, you will need to enter the password (provided by e.mail after the registration) into the registration prompt.

Find and replace text in multiple files

The following is an example of a task where the Text Replacer site management utility can be very useful. You have a Web site. You have a copy of it on your local disk of course, and you want to make some changes. For example, you want to replace the table that looks like:

Neural Networks software Stock Trading Software
NLP, Hypnosis and Personal Power

with the following one:

Neural Networks software Stock Trading Software
NLP, Hypnosis and Personal Power

Assuming that this is the main navigation table of your site, you will have two copies of it in every HTML file - one at the top of file and one at the bottom. Replacing it in all 198 files that you have can be time consuming, especially if it is done every time you add or change links (once a week?).

With the Replacer you can create the Replacer-specific tag around your navigation table, that will look something like that:

<!-- replacer_this_is_nav_table -->
<!-- /replacer_this_is_nav_table -->

When the Text Replacer site management utility finds this construction, it will find the this_is_nav_table variable it its database and insert whatever text is associated with it between the opening and closing tags.

What is the Text Replacer database? It is a text file that contains names of variables and the text associated with them, so let's call it a description file. For example:

<!-- replacer_this_is_nav_table -->
Hello! Good buy!
<!-- /replacer_this_is_nav_table -->

Also we need to list file extensions - we do not want to replace something in the GIF files by accident! To do it we place the mandatory first line (it can me multiline) in the description file:

<!-- extensions --> htm; html<!-- /extensions -->

It is important that the <!-- replacer_this_is_nav_table --> is positioned at the beginning of a new line of a description file:

Here you can take a look at the sample description file or to take a look at the one that comes with the Text Replacer archive.

Additionally, for your convenience, lines beginning with // (double forward slash) are ignored by Text Replacer, so you can place comments OUTSIDE Text Replacer tags. In a sample description file above, we used commented lines to make the file more readable, by placing them between Replacer descriptions:

<!-- replacer_this_is_nav_table -->
Hello! Good buy!
<!-- /replacer_this_is_nav_table --> // --- This is a comment <!-- replacer_this_is_another_table -->
Hi! Buy!
<!-- /replacer_this_is_another_table -->

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