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This is a little self-help guide in the case you are having problems with downloading or installation. There are also some general-purpose answers. It is based on "FAQ" that we are receiving.

Q: How do I know, that this is not a credit cards hoax?
A: If you take a look at the HTML code at the site, you will see, that I NEVER receive the credit card numbers from you - the PayPal does. The PayPal is a recognized credit cards processing company. Check their credits online, if you want. In any case, they will never reveal your credit card number to me.

Q: I haven't received any E.mail confirmation.
A: Either your payment is declined by PayPal (in this case you will not be charged), or our system didn't send you an e.mail - in that case contact us. Do not forget to include your order PayPal ID, e.mail etc.

Q: I contacted you, and still received no answer.
A: Please allow some time. We do answer all questions regarding technical issues.

Q: I do not know what to do with the password.
A: The eBook is in PDF format. To read PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader software. It is the industry standard, and we do not distribute it. Check the After you open the eBook using the Acrobat Reader, it will ask you for a password.

Q: What is a password to download files?

A:You don't need passwords to download eBooks. Each eBook is a file, and in the letter that you receive from us after your payment is processed by PayPal, you get the download URLs.
But there is a problem: files have PDF extention, and some browsers think they are smart AND they are trying to open the file, instead of downloading it, because they can recognize an extention as one of supported files. Then in the middle of the process a browser hits the fact that the file is password-protected. And it is asking you for a password, creating an illusion, that there is a DOWNLOAD password.
All you need to do is to "convince" the browser, that file should be downloaded, not opened.
You need to save the files (as opposed to opening them), so here are your options:
a) Right-click the link, and choose "Save", rather then "Open".
b) If no choice is given, and the browser is tryinbg to open the eBook, rather than saving it (and is asking for a password), try to copy the URL (the same line, or whatever you are downloading) to the Browser's address field and press "enter". Depending on the browser you use, it may offer you an option of saving a file.
c) If not working, create a text file, called something like "download.htm". Type <a href="">click me</a> (or whatever file you are trying to download) for each of the eBooks. Save this file, open it with the browser, and RIGHT-CLICK on the link with the mouse. The menu will pop up, with "Save As" as one of the options.

Q: Password you mailed for the eBook does not work.
A: Usually it is your mistake. Do NOT re-type the password, as often people mistake "l" for "1" and so on. Copy and paste instead. If it does not work, contact us, we will investigate. Please provide your order id.

Q: Software does not work.
A: Software is provided on the AS IS basis. We assume that you tried the free version before ordering.
However if you want to reinstall the software, delete the folder, containing it, and using the Regedit, delete the S_PROJECTS entry in the registry. If you do not know how to use the Regedit, ask the local guru.
The reinstallation usually fixes the problem.

Q: I have downloaded a new version of the program A, and the program B does not work anymore.
A: As a general rule, if you download the A, you need to re-download a B as well, as programs use common files, and chances are, they were affected.

Q: I have purchased the program A, then I re-downloaded a newer version, and the password isn't working anymore.

A: On May 20, 2003 the passwords changed. There was a warning in a Installation section of a Tutorial, to make a backup copy.

Q: I have an unrelated question.
A: Sorry, but this site was intended as a "business that can be left unattended". Most probably, only the Web master will see your question.

Q: How to contact you?
A: contact AT
Please keep in mind, that it is a tech. support e.mail ONLY. We can help with "password does not work" questions, but not with questions related to eBooks' contents.

Good luck, S. Projects stuff

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