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  • Do It Yourself Ecommerce Tutorial.
  • Ebusiness Solutions.
  • How to Make Site Profitable?
  • What are the Ways to Increase Targeted Traffic?
  • What are the Best Ebusiness Ideas?
  • Selecting a solid Ebusiness Strategy.
  • How to Turn Targeted Visitors to Returning Visitors?
  • Improving Website Conversion and more.

Creating a Profitable Website is done right in front of you, so that you can learn by following our steps.

First Ebusiness

If you search the Net for such terms as Creating a Profitable Website, you will find enormous amount of information. Everybody is suddenly a guru and it is very difficult to decide whom to trust. Especially as all of them are selling something.

Here is a problem! You want to sell something too! You too want to Start an Ebusiness of your own.

But will it work? I mean - will it work for me and you and not for some guys from the success stories?

And is it possible to learn all the necessary tips and tricks and to get the "hands-on" experience BEFORE you risk your money, or your time, which is the same? That's what this site is about.

Here is a very short outline:

  • Ebusiness Opportunities: Concept
    It is a very important part of any Ebusiness Development and usually the first part. We need to decide what the Ebusiness Portal is about and where its revenue stream is going to come from. Based on this information we will decide what the structure of the small but profittable website is going to be, what Ebusiness Tools do we need and so on.
    There are two major ways of making a website profitable: to sell our own goods or to sell someone else's goods, and we will use both.
    We will discuss creating our own goods in details, both software and eBooks.

  • Ebusiness Portal: Sceleton and Details
    Here we will decide how we are going to organize our site. Should we use frames? And if yes - few things to make sure it does not ruin our SE ratings.
    We will discuss the site map, what is it for, and how to make it work better.
    We will discuss links, cross-links and internal links, from the point of view of SE and Website Traffic Promotion.
    We will discuss our Market Niche Strategy, including items to sell, both our items, and someone else's items, that we can sell for a comission.

  • SEO and Website Traffic Promotion: can we use Public domain?
    We will discuss hosting of our First Ebusiness. As part of an experiment, I proved, that free hosting is OK, and you can move your site, hosted by Geocities or some other free web space provider, to top ten position in Google. No problem. However, I prefer to pay for my hosting, and I will explain why.

  • Sticky Websites: Freebies
    Why do the Ebusiness Companies fail? Because people are not searching the Net for their product (usually) - they are looking for free information. If you want them to come and stay - give them freebies. It is very simple.
    What freebies should we provide, and what else can we do to make them come back and eventually - to buy something? To turn a passing by stranger into a Returning Visitor, which, as any professional Ebusiness Developer knows, is the ultimate way to increase website conversions dramatically...
    A little NLP-based discussion on visitor's psychology (see also Introduction to NLP)...

  • Returning Visitor: Adding free info
    More details on Free Information that the site should offer. Because having Ebusiness Portal with high SEO rank will not help if the visitor does not stay! And to make them stay we need to make them interested. To do so we have to figure out what kind of visitors to expect and what are they looking for on the first place, what are they looking for in general, what other areas are of interest for them and is there anything they need but do not know about it yet.

  • Building a Profitable Website: Affiliates
    We will talk about the Partner Associate Program opportunities available in the Internet and the differences between them.
    If you want to learn all about affiliate program concept, all you need to do is to go online. There are many sites each offering their own version of the affiliate programs, indexed lists with rankings and discussions of the programs are available. But I am not going to review them one-by-one, as just going through the affiliate partner and associate program links can take weeks. Boring. Instead I am going to figure out what is it we need in terms of Ebusiness Opportunities in our particular case, and then most of these programs will be left out of the "radar" automatically.

  • Ebusiness Services: Adding Affiliates
    After we reviewed main types of affiliate programs and the decision was made to use the pay per purchase affiliates, the next question is - which ones? There are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs out there. Before we even begin Making a Profitable Website we need to make this choice.

  • Increase Link Popularity: Community, Blogs and so on.
    After the Ebusiness Portal is more or less running you will notice that the Web traffic is growing exponentially. For a little while. This kind of growth is very well known in biology - it happens if you put the bacteria into the suitable nutrition-rich environment.
    And if you ask a biologist "what will happen next", the answer will be "a saturation". We can only get that much from the Search Engines and as we reach that limit the exponential growth slows down. It is not likely that it will drop (but it happens) but it is always a good idea to assume that if the business is not expanding it might collapse.
    And if you ask the biologist "if it is true then how comes that there are still any bacteria left" - the answer will be "secondary sites". As the source is used completely - we need to move to the next source. And that is where the community comes into play.

  • Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic: Keywords
    As we need to increase web site SEO ranking, keywords are IMPORTANT. They are part of any seo ranking strategy.
    I am going to explain how to create a list of keywords for the Create a Profitable Website: Do It Yourself Ecommerce Tutorial. site, so that these pages rank well with Google.

  • Niche Market Strategy: Our Merchandize
    It is important to realize that making affiliate web site and participating in any one- or two tier associate program no matter how good it is, can only bring us the fraction of what we can get by selling our own items. First of all, when the Ebusiness Developer is selling HIS products, he gets 100 percent and not 5-15 percent that the average partner associate program will pay. Then (usually) we get the E.mail of the buyer and therefore we can advertise other items directly in our followup email. Finally we can focus on the items we sell (Theme Based Profitable Site). Doing that is still possible with the affiliate items but not nearly as simple.
    This article will tell you what to sell, based on your knowleges, hobbies and ideas.

  • Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic: Reciprocal Links
    When someone links to your site from another Web site, it will increase web site ranking with the Search Engines - both YOUR web sire ranking and ranking of the site that is linking to you.
    It is especially true if the name of the link is the same as the TITLE tag of the page that you link to. Exchanging links is one of the most cost effective and powerful ways to Increase Link Popularity and bring targeted website traffic to your site...

  • Website Traffic Promotion: Search Engines
    This article contains the "theory" behind the SEO Website Traffic Promotion strategy, that you as a ecommerce web developer might want to use to move your pages to top ten search engine position. As this project is more about practice, there are also additional articles on this site focusing more on practical aspects of search engine position optimization. They are all based on the theory presented here.

  • How to Make a Profitable Website: Statistics
    Here you will find some very basic statistics that I collected for this site during the first few months of its work.

  • Returning Visitor: Sticky pages
    Shortly after the visitor arrived to your page two decisions are made: a) shall I leave immediately and if not b) shell I come back again. The article covers some aspects of making the user to stay and to come back.
    Also I know that all this stuff is based on common sense but it is AMAZING how few people are doing it.

  • Ecommerce Optimization: E.mail class
    The fact is - the visitor might be interested in what you are offering, but still never return. It would be much better if he is reminded about you, preferably - reminded more than once. That's why you need the visitor's E.mail. Now - there are many things that you can do with this valuable information. But all of them are about reminding and building the interest. A followup email - one of the most important aspects of Building a Profitable Website.

  • First Ebusiness: Checklist
    To make it easier for you, I pulled together a large checklist, that you may use to make sure everything is done right.

Do It Yourself Ecommerce Tutorial

We are going to show you how to Start an Ebusiness, using this same Web site you are reading at the moment as an example. You will have, on one side, this Web site, right in front of you, working and generating a revenue stream, and on the other side, you will have detailed explanations on why particular things are done in particular way.

When you are done reading articles on this site, you will know how to turn any idea, dream or hobby of yours into a Theme Based Profitable Site.

In the same time, you will be saved from the need to go through the humiliation of the First Ebusiness yourself. You will be walked through the experience, step by step.

Do it in 9 days

Creating a Successful Website from scratch in 9 simple steps.

Rather than loading you with the theory, we are going to actually create one, right in front of you, to put it online and to fine-tune it, to Maximize Website Traffic and Website Conversion Rates.

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